Experts in Boiler and Heating Repairs

  • Fault Finding
  • Parts Replacement
  • System Designs Corrections
  • Quickly and Efficiently
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How Do I Get My Boiler Fixed?

  • Call us or Click the ‘Request Call Back’ button so we can book your appointment.
  • One of our experienced Engineers will attend your property on the agreed date (an arrival window will be given at the time of booking)
  • An automated text will be sent when the Engineer is on the way
    providing an accurate time of arrival.

Once on site our charges are set at;

  • £96 (inc VAT) covers the first 60 minutes on site.
    Additional time required will be charged at
  • £48 (inc VAT) per 30 minute increment.

Any parts required will be charged in addition to the labour prices above.

  • Our workmanship and any parts we supply are guaranteed for 12 months.
  • We will Provide a PDF report of the work carried out & an itemised invoice with any part numbers listed.

In 2020 we repaired over 93% of the Boiler Breakdowns that we attended. If the boiler is non repairable then we will provide a quote for a replacement. The quote for replacement would include a discount of £96 (the labour charge for the repair visit)

If we are unable to diagnose the fault, you will not be charged.

If we are unable to carry out a repair due to poor access, or if building work needs to be carried out in order to gain access (such as chasing out walls, removing tiles or flooring etc.) Then we will charge £96 for the initial visit, then re-attend once you have had an opportunity to have this other work carried out.

If we diagnose the fault, but the parts are obsolete, or you decide not to have a repair carried out due to the cost of spare parts being too high. Then we will offer you a quote for a replacement. The quote will include a £96 discount (the labour charge for the repair visit)

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Why Choose Boiler Boffin?

  • An Efficient & Honest Boiler Repair Service
    Our Engineers are Repair & Maintenance specialists. We repair FAR MORE boilers and heating systems than we install. We are fast, reliable and honest. Always aiming to fix your boiler during the first visit.
    We achieve this by carrying a wide range of common spare parts as Van Stock, training with manufacturers so that we have a thorough understanding of their boilers, and never carrying out unnecessary work. Meaning your heating and hot water is back up and running quicker – and for less money!
  • 12 Month Guarantee
    The last thing you want is to pay for a Boiler repair, then have the same fault occur again within a few months! We guarantee our workmanship and any spare parts that we supply for 12 months. So if you experience the same fault again within 12 months, we will return and sort it out for free.
  • Over 90% Fix Rate on Boiler Breakdowns
    You don’t want to get an Engineer out to repair your boiler, only for them to immediately try and push you into getting an expensive boiler replacement instead. Sometimes a boiler will be beyond repair. If the casing is damage, the parts are obsolete or if the cost of all the parts required is prohibitively expensive. But the majority of the time, a boiler fault can be repaired. We are a Boiler Repair specialist company. We repair FAR more boilers and heating systems than we install. We will always aim to carry out the repair, but if the cost (including parts) is going to raise above £500 we will give you the option of repair / replace and leave the final decision to you.
  • Highly Experienced Engineers
    We are Time-Served Boiler repair engineers. We have repaired thousands of boilers and heating systems in London and Hertfordshire. We are regularly contracted to carry out warranty repairs on behalf of Boiler Manufacturers themselves. Including Vaillant, Glowworm and ATAG. We are able to diagnose and repair faults on these boilers correctly and efficiently. Meaning you won’t have to wait for several days to get your hot water and heating back on.